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Join the CliquePrize Affiliate Small Business & Artist partner referral program

Are you a client of CliquePrize? Join our affiliate program today and earn more revenue for each Sponsor account you help create! Bonuses available if your referral runs a Promotion!

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Do you know any small businesses or artists who could use CliquePrize to grow?

Get Rewarded for every Sponsor account you refer!

  • $10 for every verified Sponsor Account you refer

  • 30% of the base sale for every promotion your referral Sponsor runs on CliquePrize

  • CliquePrize is designed to be local by zip code or nearest metro market

  • QR codes track all the prizes you need to fulfill as well as offer a method to unlock Private Promotions

  • 3 Major Benefits Of Running A Giveaway on CliquePrize

    The latest iPhone app for Small Business and artist email marketing SMS Text messaging list lead generation.

    One Click Entry

    Forget the old business cards in a fishbowl or long online entry forms. CliquePrize is designed for speed and accuracy. One Click and the Contestant can Enter to Win your promotion.

    Contestant Data Secured

    If you are currently hosting your own giveaways on your website, there's always a risk of the data being hacked. CliquePrize has the best in-class cloud security hosting platform: Microsoft Azure. Your data is safe with us.

    Easily Customizable

    With CliquePrize, you can upload your own background and image not only for your Giveaway screen (called Prize Details) but also your Bullseye! business listing screen. Both are easily customizable. Or your can use one of our 45+ small business category templates. You can even use your own rules, privacy and terms or ours.

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    What are the high level features of CliquePrize?
    Here Is A Quick Video For You

    Check out our quick 1 minute intro video to learn more about the benefits of using CliquePrize.

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    The 3 Best Features Of CliquePrize That Makes It An Awesome iPhone app For Small Business Owners & Artists

    In this section describe the 3 main features of the product that makes it so useful.

    Zip code and nearest metro area Local Targeting makes CliquePrize unlike any other app on the market

    CliquePrize understands Small Business because we are one ourselves. They key to acquiring repeat customers starts with generating the right locally targeted list. This is why our iPhone app was built to be local!

    Private or Public Giveaways both use QR Codes for speed and convenience

    If you wish to just invite your own customers to enter a giveaway (Private) or reach everyone (Public) in the nearest metro area, you have the flexibility with CliquePrize to do both. 

    Private promotions can be accessed with a QR code or a 4 digit code.

    Microsoft Azure offers world class cloud Cybersecurity for your giveaways

    With more and more hackers trying to get Contestants personal data especially from giveaways, its imperative to have world class cloud cybersecurity like Microsoft Azure, which hosts the CliquePrize iPhone mobile app.

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    "Did you know 20% of US Small Businesses fail in Year 1? In year 2, that number rises to 50%. By year 5, it turns into 67%! Why? A lack of cash flow.
    Continuous Lead Generation is the only way to grow."

    Fundera.com (by NerdWallet)

    Compare CliquePrize to Other Platforms
    & Your Campaigns

    CliquePrize can help your lead generation efforts more efficiently than ever before. Here's why:

    CliquePrize vs Other Options


    CliquePrize is designed to target the zip code near your Small Business or the nearest metro market. Why? Because the repeat customers you seek live near you.


    With so many hackers out there stealing personal data, why put your small business at risk if you can't securely capture Contestant data? CliquePrize is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Nobody has hacked it yet.


    Custom background, logo, rules, privacy policy and terms are all options with CliquePrize. Or can you use one of our free 45+ Small Business category templates. We even have free base rules and terms/privacy in case you need them.

    Prize Fulfillment

    With CliquePrize, you can give away Digital Prizes (such as Gift Cards) or Physical Prizes (such as tshirts) using a major delivery carrier (e.g. FedEx, UPS, USPS, etc). In either case, a QR code is used to track the prize being received by the Winner of your giveaway. Consider your Prize Fulfilment needs covered.


    How will giveaway entrants from distance places help your small business? Think of the wasted reach.

    Non secure

    A website using https (a certificate) is very minimal security. Hackers have no problem accessing databases. Your own website and many other platforms are not nearly as secured as an iPhone app hosted by Microsoft Azure.

    Lack of branding

    Most 3rd party platforms don't offer much in terms of customization. The templates are rigid and lack any branding whatsoever.

    No Prize Fulfillment

    Do you really want to spend time and money chasing down prize winners and packages? Many 3rd party platforms do not offer track prize fulfillment options. CliquePrize makes it all very easy to track.

    CliquePrize is Perfect For Any Small Business or Artist

    Real Estate

    Bars & Restaurants

    Health & Beauty

    Kennels & Pet Care

    Salons & Barbershops


    Food Trucks

    Body Sculpting



    Singers & Bands

    And Many More...

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    What do our Sponsors say?
    CliquePrize Testimonials

    I just opened my second gym and I tried to giveaway free memberships on my own. It didn't work. CliquePrize came along and changed all that. The ease of entry, the security and the local targeting completely changed my view on the value of local digital promotions done right.

    Jack R.

    Verified User

    I've been doing like, follow, share and mention campaigns for years on Social Media for my Lashes business. Problem was I didn't capture any data and the followers came from all over the world. CliquePrize changed all that. It actually yielded me a useable, local email and SMS list. Appointments are flooding now now.

    Laura W.

    Verified User

    I've been using my website to host giveaways for my Restaurant. Problem was the form would break a lot, I had people complain they couldn't enter and frankly it wasn't very secure. CliquePrize doesn't use any long online entry forms. Its a mobile app designed for speed and convenience. Customers love it and I'm capturing actionable, local data way beyond my own capabilities now. 

    Tony G.

    Verified User

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    Frequently Asked Questions About CliquePrize

    How much does CliquePrize cost a Sponsor?

    To get started, it’s FREE to create a Sponsor Account & Bullseye! Listing. Reserve your username (handle) before other businesses do. After you create a Sponsor account and get verified, just simply go to Settings > My Bullseye! Page and complete your Public facing Bullseye! Directory listing. This will at least give potential customers an idea of who you are and what you are selling.

    When you are ready, give away a prize via a promotion.

    There’s a base fee upfront for running a promotion. Starting at $99 for a one-time Private Sweepstakes to $399 for a one-time Public Sweepstakes. Monthly subscriptions are $199/month. With Monthly Subscriptions you can run either Public or Private. Its your choice. Once per month.

    In addition, if you want Entrant (Contestant) records, you can purchase a data plan (starting at $1/record) times the number of records after your promotion has ended. You will never pay for the same Contestant record twice. This is emailed to you after the Promotion has ended with a .csv file attached and paid for by Invoice via Stripe.com. Contestant records will only include First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Mobile number, and Zip code. However, if you run a survey you will get survey responses but you will not know which exact Contestant answered which question. You’ll just see the total responses.

    What's the difference between a Private and Public promotion?

    Private promotions require a QR code or a 4 digit code to unlock. As a Sponsor, you can email your customers or friends on an invite-only basis to invite them to enter your promotion. The reasons for these type of promotions vary but Events are commonly hosted on an invite-only basis for example. Public promotions are those promotions that anyone in the area (by Metro or zip code) can see and enter. There is nothing preventing all Contestants from entering Public promotions.

    What is a Sponsor legally responsible for?

    You are legally responsible for paying for the promotion upfront and fulfilling the prize you advertise in your CliquePrize promotion – exactly as is. You are not obligated to buy Contestant data. That is optional. However, you cannot legally bait and switch the Contestant. In other words, you cannot for example offer 2 tickets to a show but give them a pack of gum instead. The only time you can switch the prize advertised is if you are giving away a prize of equal value to the original prize and the Contestant agrees it is a fair swap of prizes. The Contestant can hold you (not CliquePrize) legally liable for not fulfilling the original prize advertised.

    The prize value must be under $1000 since CliquePrize does not offer giveaways with public bonds. If the prize is worth over $600, then you must issue a 1099 form to the winner(s) of the prize in the US. The official rules must state the value of the prize as APV (Approximate Retail Value) based on market value at the time. This is US Federal Law.

    Add A Question Here That Is A Common Objection The Buyers Have Before Making A Purchase

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Explain in depth the question. Make sure that the explanation clearly answers the objections that visitor has on their mind. The frequently asked questions section is a great way to clear up any objections that the buyer might have and push then a step ahead to make that purchase.

    Is your referral Ready To Start Using CliquePrize 
    To Build Their Email & SMS Lists?

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